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5 Natural Phenomena That Could End Your Life in Seconds

Have you heard of these dangerous natural phenomena that are possible to kill you?

We all know that Earth has a slew of at times terrifying natural phenomena that can easily become dangerous for those that get caught in them. However, since a lot of us do not get to experience some of them, it seems like they are not as dangerous as they seem for others. Not to mention, human nature has a great paradox in finding beauty, even in the most frightening displays of Mother Nature. And while we can understand that some of them can indeed look beautiful, that does not stop them from being terrifying, and it doesn’t mean that you should not be careful around them.

Let’s take lightning storms and hurricanes as an example. There are a lot of people who, despite the warnings, end up putting themselves in danger in order to get some of the most impressive shots of the true nature of these natural phenomena. In order to understand which ones of these are extremely dangerous to humans, despite how impressive they are as natural phenomena, we have gathered some of the most impressive yet frightening of them and brought you here.

These natural phenomena we will present to you are not only dangerous and have historically claimed lives, but they have also been named by scientists and researchers as being part of the most dangerous natural occurrences you could find yourself in!

Can you guess which ones will be on our list? Let us know how many you anticipated after reading the article in the comments below!

natural phenomena
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Volcanic eruptions

This is probably one of the most intimidating natural phenomena you could ever witness, and yet, this huge natural disaster is not taken as seriously as it should be. While there are quite a few active volcanoes around the world, we should consider ourselves lucky that there are not more than they are already. Volcanic eruptions are extremely dangerous, not only because of the molten lava that is erupting from the crater that also spreads around it but also because they do not stop there.

In the wake of such an eruption, you will see the ash spread around for miles on end, and it can also end with tens of casualties, both from the eruption and the harsh conditions created around the location of the eruption. Keep in mind that when the ash is thrown into the air with such force, it can be taken by the wind even in neighboring countries.

If you need one example to prove just how destructive this natural phenomenon is, take a look at the destruction of the city of Pompeii. Mount Vesuvius erupted, and 35,000 people lost their lives forever as the city was lost due to the eruption. And when you take a look at the active volcanoes (some being in the United States as well), we need to be prepared for anything.


Here in the United States, we are not indifferent to tornadoes. However, since only some states have to deal with them, half of the country is not really aware of how destructive and often tornadoes happen. The Tornado Alley region of the United States has been dealing with them for years, and from one year to another, there seems to be an increase in the number of these natural phenomena. Thankfully, we have not seen any huge ones lately, but that does not mean that tornadoes have not hit the ground and caused destruction in their wake.

These violent rotating air columns form between the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud, and in some cases, they can also be connected to a cumulus cloud. You can happen to be on the highway and see one on the horizon in the fields, but not many of us have had contact with one, and we should consider ourselves lucky. Tornadoes are one of the most commonly known natural phenomena that end up resulting in the loss of human life, along with the multiple disasters and destructions associated with them.

If you are in a region that is going to experience a tornado, make sure you heed the instructions of the local authorities and do not go out of your way to get closer for pictures of anything of the sort.

Limnic eruptions

Limnic eruptions are one of the rare natural phenomena; however, they are something to keep in mind and be mindful of. This natural disaster has been known as a lake overturns over the years, and they happen on lakes.

It is a unique phenomenon that happens when the dissolved CO2 (carbon dioxide) from a deep lake suddenly erupts, which causes everything inside of it to suffocate (this includes livestock, wildlife, and even humans). Some limnic eruptions have also been observed to create tsunamis on the lake, which will disperse a large part of the lake’s water.

Despite being extremely rare, these natural phenomena are not only dangerous for those around when they happen but also after the fact since they cause the collective death of a lot of animals, which can lead to increased possibilities of disease. The two limnic eruptions that we know of as of this year include one at Lake Monoun, in Cameroun, which happened in 1984 and caused the deaths of 37 people, and an even larger one at a nearby lake two years later, in 1986.

The limnic eruption of Lake Nyos in 1986 caused the deaths of over a thousand residents, somewhere between 1,700 and 1,800 people.

Because these natural phenomena are so dangerous and, at times, unpredictable, it is good to know that you will be safe in case of an emergency. A great way to make sure you are prepared for evacuation or in case you are trapped in your home is to have an emergency kit! This one, which you can find on Amazon for about $40, is a great starting point for customizing your own!

natural phenomena
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Remember how we mentioned that volcanic eruptions are not only dangerous natural phenomena because of when they form but also because they cause other repercussions? One of them is the fact that volcanic eruptions can easily cause tsunamis, and they are not the only natural phenomena that can cause a tsunami; big earthquakes are also known to be the cause of catastrophic tsunamis.

Tsunamis are characterized by the fact that they are massive tidal waves and by the fact that they are unrelenting, and nothing can stop them. Once a tsunami is approaching, the immediate area is generally evacuated if the people have enough time to react, which is something that island countries fear.

The biggest tsunami was formed in December 2004 in the Indian Ocean. The huge tidal wave caused the deaths of over 230,000 people in over 14 countries in the vicinity. The tsunami formed as a result of a 9.1 underwater earthquake. Even today, it is still the biggest and most dangerous tsunami recorded and one of the deadliest natural phenomena in modern history!


And since we have to talk about natural phenomena that are more common than you think and yet their danger sometimes goes ignored, we have to discuss sinkholes. These natural disasters are caused by the erosion of certain types of rocks by groundwater; carbonate rock, limestone, and salt beds are the ones that are mostly known to cause sinkholes because the groundwater percolates them and causes them to dissolve.

With a weakened foundation, it is only normal that space would create, and at one point, the above ground would no longer be able to stand on its own and give in. The reason why these craters are extremely dangerous is that they do not give any warning before they are created, and they can range anywhere from a couple of feet to hundreds of acres. It can also cause accidents when sinkholes form in the road, and they can also form after a huge tropical storm.

Nature is indeed wild and sometimes downright weird! However, humans are just as peculiar as the weather can be, and this is proven by the way in which the human body has evolved! Read all about the body parts you actually do not need but still have here!


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