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12 Things North Korea Shamelessly Says They Invented (but They Didn’t)

I think it’s fair to say that North Korea is competing for the title of best mainstream media manipulator in the world. So next time you hear about North Korean inventions, you should seriously doubt them.

They are known to make claims that will easily make the rest of the world stare incredulously. Also, it is no secret that the country’s dictator, Kim Jong-un, loves making crazy headlines.

One of the weirdest stories in the world was told by North Korean officials, so we thought that it would be the perfect occasion to make a list of some of the most peculiar things they ever declared. Ready? Most of these things will blow your mind, and not because of their nuclear weapons!

North Korea
Photo by Astrelok from Shutterstock

North Korea invented a waterproof liquid.

I know you probably re-read the heading three or four times. I know I did when I first heard it. If you thought that waterproof liquid sounded a bit redundant, you’re right. But not in North Korea. In North Korea, liquids need to be waterproof to protect them from other liquids.

According to North Korea’s state-owned website, KCNA, this is the greatest invention of a generation. The invention was allegedly, at that time, used as a floor sealant, and ever since then, it has been widely used in the construction of some apartment buildings in Pyongyang. Needless to say, there’s no such thing as waterproof liquid, but fine. Whatever makes them feel better

North Korea invented the drug that cures AIDS and Ebola.

Kim Jong-un is awfully proud of the scientific breakthroughs of his nation. According to him, the drug they created can easily cure AIDS, Ebola, and cancer, too! As they stated, it all started in a trial in Africa, where 56% of the participants were completely cured, and the other 44% showed a huge improvement in their condition.

Who knew that the cure to the deadliest diseases in the world is in one drug invented by North Koreans? Also, who would’ve thought that Kim Jong-un could be this delusional? For me, it is simply astounding. I think it takes a full spectrum of mental diseases to believe these things.

North Korea discovered a mythical unicorn lair.

Not that anything we’ve enlisted so far wouldn’t belong to the mythical world, too, but it seems that North Korea felt the need to register a couple of achievements in the fantasy realm, too. You know what they say—it’s good for publicity.

As it turns out, in 2012, North Korean leaders discovered a mythical unicorn lair very close to a well-known Pyongyang temple. Their archaeologists from the Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences confirmed it. It seems that the only thing that was needed to confirm their suspicions were two words carved into a stone. It said “unicorn lair”, so it must be true, right?

Kim Jong-un climbed an active volcano.

The North Korean dictator climbed the 2,744-meter active volcano Mt. Paektu because he felt like walking. No, that was just my wild guess. In reality (or, you know, whatever they perceive as reality), he wanted to meet 100 soldiers who waited for him at the summit for a photoshoot. And you’d think that this sounds crazy enough, but no.

I have more: while climbing down: Kim Jong-un allegedly took an elevator ride. You know, after climbing an active volcano and taking pictures with 100 soldiers, you get kind of tired. If you’re wondering where those pictures are, stop wondering. They probably took them with an instant camera that sends the pictures directly into the future.

Kim Jong-il invented the hamburger.

You do like eating a regular hamburger now and then, don’t you? Well, what if I told you that Kim Jong-il invented it? According to the North Korean publication Minju Joson, the leader made a brand-new sandwich and called it “double bread with meat”. The burger was meant to provide valuable quantity and nutritional quality to teachers and students. Very soon, the country set up a plant for mass hamburger production.

Kim Jong-il was a professional golfer.

No one plays golf better than Kim Jong-il, or at least that’s what North Koreans know. According to his biography, the leader had his very first tryst with a game of golf in 1994 at North Korea’s only golf course. He even shot a 38-under-par round that immediately helped him bag 11 holes-in-one. North Korea claimed that he broke a world record. The man instantly retired from the game after that round.

Kim Jong-il never needed to go to the toilet.

Kim Jong-il’s biography claims that the leader, thanks to his supernatural abilities, never needed to go to the bathroom. Apparently, he never even felt the need to urinate or defecate. He could also control the weather because he was basically a god, thanks to his supernatural birth. Even Kim II-sung apparently never used the toilet.

North Korea said the Japanese stole time from them.

North Koreans think that in 1919, the Japanese “imperialists” stole time from them. In 2015, Kim Jong-un thought that this was unacceptable, and it’s something that he wouldn’t tolerate. That’s why he ordered the clocks to be set behind for 30 minutes. According to him, I guess everything is well in the world again.

North Korea
Photo by Astrelok from Shutterstock

Kim Jong-un was able to drive at three years old.

In 2015, reports showed that the leader had learned how to drive by the time he was three years old. In fact, he was an expert racer, winning plenty of yachting races at the age of nine. He was also hailed as an exceptional artist and a musical composer.

North Korea has created hangover-free alcohol.

In 2016, North Korea invented a brand new type of alcohol that was allegedly hangover-free. The Pyongyang Times explained how the booze was carefully made from special ingredients that prevented it from causing headaches and sickness.

Kim Jong-il was a global style icon.

In 2010, North Korea’s official state news website declared that Kim Jong-il was no less than a style icon and that his fashion choices were imitated throughout the world. His modest gray suits left “a very deep impression on people’s minds around the world”. This family should teach delusional classes.

A little bit about their family

The Kim family, also known as the Kim dynasty or the Mount Paektu bloodline, is a generation of three members in the North Korean leadership. The country’s founder and first leader was Kim Il Sung.

The patriarch came to North Korea for the first time in 1948, after the end of Japanese rule split the entire region in 1945. He initiated the Korean War in 1950 in an unsuccessful attempt to reunify the Korean Peninsula.

In the 1980s, Kim II Sung developed a cult of personality based on the state philosophy of Juche. After his death in 1994, the supreme role was passed on to his son Kim Jong II, and then to his grandson Kim Jong Un.

Naturally, the North Korean government vehemently denies the existence of a personality cult surrounding the Kim family, stating that people’s devotion to the family is nothing but a personal manifestation of support for the nation’s leaders. The Kim family enjoyed a de facto absolute monarchy and hereditary dictatorship.

Speaking of North Korea, there’s no way I’m going to leave without sharing some of the best books on the matter. “The Hard Road Out: One Woman’s Escape From North Korea” by Jihyun Park is a great story about surviving a terrible regime. It’s worth reading!

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