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These 6 UFO Myths Are Giving Scientists a Headache

UFOs are a big part of American culture. In the 50s and 60s, there was an entire phenomenon of people reporting “flying saucers,” and as with everything that is popular, there are a lot of UFO myths out there that wait to be debunked.

The sighting of strange flying objects became the subject of Hollywood films, and it also scared a large part of the population. After all, UFOs are unidentified objects from space that are most probably driven by aliens. Kind of unsettling, isn’t it?

But do we know everything about these extraterrestrial visits? The answer is definitely no, but we know some UFO myths, and we want you to know about them too. Stay with us and read about the most absurd UFO myths.

UFO myths
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1. 1997, Arizona, and a bunch of unidentified flying objects

There was a cold spring night in 1997 when, over the skies of Arizona, Mexico, and Nevada, an unusual pattern of lights was seen by hundreds of people. They described this phenomenon as a flock of birds flying in a V formation, but instead of birds, there were some light orbs.

The whole event took five or ten minutes, and it was named the “Phoenix Lights”. The whole story became of national importance because of all the videos and photos that people took. It was the headline of most publications, and everybody was talking about it.

But is this just one of the many UFO myths that people still believe to this day? Yes, it is. Later on, the Air National Guard spoke up and informed everybody that this was just an exercise and that the strange lights were flares.

Obviously, there are many enthusiasts who don’t buy this story, but this is the reality, whether they want to accept it or not. It was just an Army nighttime exercise and nothing more.

2. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built by aliens

We know that the pyramids are incredible structures and that their building is still kind of a mystery to this day, but despite the genius engineering behind them, we can’t just say that they were built by aliens.

Yes, we don’t really know how the ancient Egyptians managed to build such impressive structures as the pyramids, and this is the root of more than one UFO myth. It is natural for people to find an unusual explanation when they are facing an overwhelming problem like this one.

But even if archeologists haven’t yet found out how the pyramids were built, let’s not forget that they used to be the resting place of pharaohs and that they have an entire history behind them. Inscriptions and artworks all dating back to ancient Egypt are there as evidence that the pyramids were built by humans.

3. Circles and farm fields

This is already a classic. We all know that aliens love to make weird circles and other signs in cornfields. But is this true, or is it just another one of the UFO myths?

If we look way back in history, we will find out that the first crop circles were not made in America but in the UK during the 1970s. At first, they were just circles, but then they became more complex, representing mathematical equations and fractals. But why would aliens do that?

The answer is that they probably wouldn’t, and these patterns appear in our crop fields for other reasons. The simple and plain circles can be caused by diseased grain or some usual weather conditions, such as waterspouts. On the other hand, the fractals are probably created by people who are trying to prank us. This actually happened more than a few times, and people admitted doing it.

4. The UFOs flying over Russia

We’ve talked about the Arizona incident, but this was not the only place where people saw UFOs. In 1967, hundreds of people from the southern part of Russia took part in a mass sighting of UFOs.

And what is even more interesting is that the witnesses were all from very different fields. Some were airline pilots, some were villagers, and some were even astronomers.

Now, if you are wondering what these people saw, we are here to tell you. All of them, when they looked up at the sky, noticed some crescent-shaped glowing objects. And there were a lot of these strange objects. This is how Russia became struck by the alien fever.

But was this phenomenon caused by aliens, or is this another one of the UFO myths? It was later found out that the bright lights that they saw in the sky were not something extraterrestrial and were caused by rocket testing led by the Soviet military. They were conducting secret tests, and after they informed the media, all the fuss about aliens came to an end.

5. Next stop: Roswell, New Mexico

It seems that aliens have a preference for landing in deserts, and because of this, they are often spotted in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. And now we want to share with you a story about the encounter of farmer Mac Brazel with extraterrestrial beings.

Mark was a rancher back in 1947, and he was living in Roswell, New Mexico. It all started when he was out on his field and stumbled upon some mysterious debris. Sticks, fabric that looked like it was made out of metal, rubbery material—it was all there, and it made no sense.

He did what anyone else would do and called the sheriff, who later announced Roswell Army Air Field. An investigation started, and one of the members of the team that was conducting this investigation called the unidentified crashed object a “flying saucer.”

A few days later, this made national headlines, and the War Department in Washington made a public statement and explained that it was just a weather balloon. Some people were skeptical, and they were not wrong at all.

Later in 1994, some files of the Pentagon were declassified, and it was revealed that during the time the balloon incident happened, they were conducting something known as Project Mogul.

700-foot-long balloons were launched into the atmosphere. They were equipped with radars and were meant to spy on the Soviet nuclear tests.

UFO myths
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6. Extraterrestrial life doesn’t exist

All that we have written here has made you believe that there is no other form of life in this universe besides us, but this is not true. The lack of any extraterrestrial life is probably the biggest of the UFO myths.

The universe is so big, and it would not be wise to think that we are alone. Maybe the aliens have not contacted us humans yet, but that doesn’t mean it will never happen. It is probably just a matter of time. Who knows? Maybe we are the ones who will send them messages.

We are sure that there are many intelligences in this huge universe, and some of them might be far beyond our ability to comprehend. So, even if we don’t know if aliens exist, there is a big probability that they do, and we should be open to any possibility.

If you want to learn more about UFOs, you can start by reading the following book: The UFO Chronicles: How Science Fiction, Shamanic Experiences, and Secret Air Force Projects Created the UFO Myth

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