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UNBELIEVABLE! These 4 Celebrities Are Flat Earthers

Yes, there are still people who believe the flat earth conspiracy!

While a lot of us find the concept of believing in flat earth funny, it is actually something that has been around for centuries. Back in ancient times, even the historians of the era believed that the earth was flat, and for thousands of years, people believed that it was surrounded by water. With time, the ancient Greeks started to theorize on the idea, and they slowly went away from the idea of a flat earth. By 330 BC, it was already believed by philosophers that the earth was indeed a sphere, but Artistotle managed to find the evidence that proves the spherical earth!

Despite his discovery tens of centuries ago, along with much scientific proof and demonstrations that the earth is indeed a sphere, there are still people who believe that the earth is actually flat. These people end up going down a rabbit hole of misinformation and ignore the proof that science has brought that proves the fact that they are incorrect. Among these “Flat Earthers,” as they are known today, there were actually some high-profile people and some celebrities of our time as well!

Surprisingly, these famous people not only believe this but also spread the misinformation as they use their platforms to spread the theories and also the word of what they call the “Modern Flat Earth” society. Are you curious to find out which are some of the most famous flat earthers? Keep on reading to discover them!

Have you ever met someone who thought the Earth was flat? How did you react? Let us know in the comments below!

flat earth
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What is a flat earther?

Before we explore the people who were famous and still believed that the Earth was flat, we have to look closely at what made them believe such a thing. Even before Aristotle proved the fact that the earth is a sphere and not flat, the general knowledge was that the land was surrounded by water and that you could fall off the side of the earth, which is why they feared long voyages. However, after Aristotle brought empirical evidence for the shape of the earth, more and more people and civilizations admitted to it.

As the Christian Church became more and more widespread, knowledge of the spherical earth became more of the norm, despite having a number of notable exceptions.

The medieval European belief that the earth was flat is just a myth. In reality, the Europeans of the time did not believe so, but the protestants back in the 17th century made up this rumor to fight against Catholic teachings.

Flat earthers have become more and more widespread, as this pseudoscience has grown in popularity due to people believing that the evidence we have is fake. It is also possible that among those who do not believe that the moon landing was real, they also believe that the earth is flat and that the pictures taken by satellites are fake.

Every year, more and more people get converted to this pseudoscience due to the widespread usage of social media.

George Bernard Shaw

Shaw is a famous Irish political activist and playwright, and due to the widespread popularity of the modern flat earth community, more and more people are trying to prove that people who did not believe that the earth was spherical have always existed. This is generally done with the intention of proving and giving more legitimacy to the conspiracy theory regarding flat earth, and this is one of the historical figures the movement is trying to paint as a flat earther.

They attribute the name to various personalities, and in the case of George Bernard Shaw, it is due to a quote that leads them to speculate about his beliefs. Shaw said that the earth is a sphere because we believe it to be of a round shape, not because many people could prove it physically. He then continued to say that this is the result of the fact that modern science is obsessed with the idea that nothing could be so simple and that everything needs to be extreme, thus implying that the idea of a spherical earth to him is improbable and outrageous.

Millie Bobby Brown

You have probably seen this young actress in her acclaimed Netflix series Stranger Things or in some of her following work in the movie industry. She has been in the entertainment industry since she was 11 years old and is still quite young for the amount of fame she has. As opposed to the writer we have mentioned earlier, where the belief that he was a flat-earther can fall into the realm of speculation, when it comes to this young English actress, the information comes directly from her.

In an Instagram Live, a fan asked her if she believed that the earth was flat, and her response shocked many of her fans. Brown replied that there are a lot of reasons and evidence that point towards the fact that it is flat, and she encouraged her fans to think about them. She has also announced that she is indeed a flat-earther and believes that the earth is not spherical in shape; however, many of her fans continue to debate in online circles whether she has in fact admitted it or not.

If you would like to see more of Millie Bobby Brown’s work, you can watch Godzilla: King of the Monsters here!

flat earth
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Thomas Dolby

One of the most famous figures in the Flat Earth Society is the English musician Thomas Dolby, who shocked all his fans when he announced in an interview that he believes the Earth to be flat. The way in which he came forward with this new belief of his has also been controversial in a sense, as he released his 1980s hit album The Flat Earth, with the hit song “She Blinded Me with Science” featured on the tracklist. But while many couldn’t be sure he meant what he said, it became clear when he kept on talking about the conspiracy.

What’s more, Dolby has always been loud about his beliefs, and he has come into the limelight numerous times to be outspoken about this conspiracy theory and many others associated with it. He had been so influential in the community of flat earthers that the current leader of the Flat Earth Society cites Dolby and his album as the inspiration and drive for him to read more and discover the theory!

Draymond Green

Surprisingly or not, there are a number of American athletes who believe in the conspiracy theory that the earth is flat. Not only that, but there are some big names that have changed their minds and suddenly started to believe this, due to various reasons, and they all like to talk to their fans about this fact whenever they get the chance and make this “theory” more well known, thus giving it more legitimacy than it deserves.

When one of his colleagues came out and admitted to being a flat-earther, Green did not wait long before he came to his defense to back him out. He is known to have said that he believes there could be a possibility of NASA faking the picture of the Earth from space since he can easily make such a picture using the panoramic setting on this iPhone camera.

To be fair to him, he did say, “I don’t know, but it could be,” which could indicate that it could both be fake or true, but it does seem like he settled on the side that it could very well be fake!

The flat earth conspiracy is just one of the biggest ones that people still believe today, despite the science that completely debunks their belief! If you are curious about other widely popular conspiracy theories that are still believed today in the United States, make sure to read more about the topic here!


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