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6 Mind-Blowing Inventions That Were Created by Mistake but Changed the World

Science in The World presents you: life-changing inventions that were created by mistake!

When it comes to mistakes, we all wish we wouldn’t make any, although some of them help us grow and learn more. And speaking of mistakes, miscalculations, or omitting some important details and numbers in such important domains as science, they can cause serious troubles that not only cost effort but also time, money, and resources.

It’s not simple to imagine how certain things were invented and how someone managed to come up with life-changing items such as microwave ovens, potato chips, or chocolate chip cookies (which most of us love, don’t we?). But hey, when we talk about lab work, those wrong calculations or missed steps could lead to scientific breakthroughs.

That’s right, there are several life-changing inventions that were created by mistake, and we’re here to talk about everything. You already know that rules are meant to be broken, and if it leads to a better world, then why follow them?

So if you think that mistakes are bad, just get it out of your head and read this article, because it’s time to discover all those impressive inventions that were created by mistake.

inventions that were created by mistake
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1. Penicillin

The one who invented it: scientist Sir Alexander Fleming

What he was trying to create: Mrs. Fleming was looking for a miraculous drug that could cure several diseases that were popular at the time. However, when he noticed that nothing was going according to plan, he threw away all of his experiments.

But since we’re talking about inventions created by mistake, this is precisely what happened to Sir Alexander Fleming. He found exactly what he was looking for when he saw what he’d done.

How the invention was brought to life: The scientist saw that a contaminated Petri dish he had damaged contained mold that was dissolving and getting rid of all the bacteria around it. He took the mold and grew it by itself, then realized that it contained a powerful and wonderful antibiotic called penicillin.

Since that moment, penicillin has been one of the first medications to prove effective against several bacterial infections caused by streptococci and staphylococci. This drug is still used today, although several types of bacteria have developed resistance due to its extensive use.

2. Potato chips

Okay, can you imagine that potato chips are among the inventions that were created by mistake? I can’t say I’m mad about it because this is one of my favorite snacks, regardless of how unhealthy it is for my body.

The one who invented it was George Crum, a man who worked as the chef at the Carey Moon Lake House in Saratoga Springs. What he wanted to create was a plate of delicious fried potatoes.

How the invention was brought to life: Everything happened thanks to a client who was simply not impressed with what Mr. Crum brought him. He kept saying that the fried potato wasn’t how he wanted it and sent back the plate several times, asking for the potato to be thinner and more fried.

The chef completely lost his cool and sliced the potatoes crazily thin and fried them until they were hard as a rock. While the chef was waiting for the customer to get angry and leave, the man was so impressed with the result that he wanted more of it! Thank God he loved that potato, because I’m sure that I love potato chips.

There are other inventions that were created by mistake that we have to talk about, so keep reading!

inventions that were created by mistake
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3. Microwave oven

The microwave oven is another one of these impressive inventions that were created by mistake. This amazing thing was brought to life by an engineer with the Raytheon Corporation, a smart and talented man named Percy Spencer.

What he wanted to make: The man was guiding a radar-related research project with a new vacuum tube, but things didn’t go as he wanted. During his experiments, he had a candy bar in his pocket, and after some deep work, he noticed that the candy started to melt.

Spencer then put some popcorn into the machine that he was working on, and when it started to pop and turn into a delicious snack, he knew that he had come across a revolutionary device.

I think microwave ovens are indeed one of the most fantastic inventions that were created by mistake, and in my opinion, they make our lives a lot easier. What are your thoughts on this one?

4. Fireworks

The one who invented it was an unknown but talented cook in China.

What he wanted to create: While the sources aren’t exactly clear, there’s a legend saying that when the fireworks were brought to life, the cook wasn’t looking for something in particular but only wanted to experiment in the kitchen.

How the invention was created: The cook unintentionally mixed together sulfur, charcoal, and saltpeter, which were all common items used in the kitchen 2000 years ago.

He then grabbed the mixture and compressed it into a bamboo tube, and the entire thing exploded. We have no idea why the cook did such a thing, but what we can say is that fireworks are one of the inventions that were created by mistake.

Do you know any other inventions that were created by mistake? Leave a comment down below and let us know!

inventions that were created by mistake
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5. Chocolate chip cookies

Can you imagine how life would have been without chocolate chip cookies? I know that I might sound dramatic saying such a thing, but when you have a primary sweet tooth like I do, these sweet treats are one of life’s biggest pleasures.

The genius inventor: Fantastic Ruth Wakefield, the woman who was the owner of the Toll House Inn.

What she wanted to make: Old-fashioned chocolate cookies.

How the invention was brought to life: Mrs. Wakefield wanted to make her regular and delicious chocolate cookies, but while she was preparing the mixture, she noticed that she ran out of baker’s chocolate.

She came up with the idea of breaking sweetened chocolate into small pieces and adding those delicious bits to the cookie dough. She thought the chocolate would melt and her regular recipe wouldn’t be any different, but she was wrong. The little bits stuck, and her chocolate chip cookies became one of the most beloved inventions that were created by mistake.

Speaking of sweet tooth and inventions that were created by mistake, if you’d like to eat some tasty chocolate chip cookies or any other sweet treats but are mindful of the sugars you put in your body, I have good news for you.

These cookies are tasty, creamy yet crunchy, and don’t contain any added sugar, so you can eat them guilt-free. This is one of the best offers ever, and trust me, all of them are delicious! Click here to get them!

Which one of these inventions that were created by mistake is your favorite?

6. The Pacemaker

Did you know that the pacemaker is also one of the inventions that were created by mistake? Well, this thing saved the lives of many, many people, so we can say that we’re very grateful for this engineer’s mistake.

The one who invented it was brilliant electrical engineer John Hopps. He was conducting complex research on hypothermia and wanted to restore body temperature with the help of radio frequency heating.

How everything was created: While he was experimenting with things, he noticed that if a heart stopped beating because of cooling, it could be simply started again with the help of artificial stimulation. His magnificent realization led to the pacemaker, which we can undoubtedly say is one of the most life-changing inventions that were created by mistake.

What do you think about these impressive inventions that were created by mistake? Do you think that they’ve changed our lives for the better? I think that they’re amazing and that mistakes are sometimes chances for people to develop new and even more important things than they’d previously intended.

Whether you think the same or not, leave a comment below, and if you want to check out something else from our website, here’s a good article for you: Stay Safe: What Will Florida Be Like if the Closest Glacier Melts?


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