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Portals to Another Dimension Are REAL! 4 Unusual Locations Where Can Be Found

Are portals to another dimension a thing? Is it true, or is it just something man-made for sci-fi movies?

Conspiracy theory, or can it be proven by a scientific base? We bet many of you want to know if this parallel universe is real and how we can “teleport” to another dimension without affecting the present or the future. And if we reflect deeply on the situation, we might find it intriguing for various reasons.

How would it be to meet another version of yourself and have the possibility of talking to them and seeing if you’re alike or not? Will you be surprised by their presence? What would you ask them?

Well, even though the main idea clearly belongs to the field of physics, everything seems so unreal and makes us wonder what life is after all. Believe it or not, apparently, in some locations, portals to another dimension were discovered. Are they for real or just simple coincidences? See the following lines.

Before delving into the issue, let’s first grasp the concept of portals to another dimension.

portals to another dimension
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  • It is impossible to detect parallel universes

Although that’s been a hot topic for most scientists, there are still a lot of them who don’t know how to define portals to another dimension, mostly because of our limited senses. As human beings, we have five senses; therefore, we cannot detect alternative realities.

It was further suggested that parallel worlds may have entirely distinct physical rules. Gravitation or electromagnetism, for instance, would function differently. Therefore, in certain circumstances, our knowledge of the world may be irrelevant or meaningless. Therefore, it is tough to discover more parallel worlds. What do you think?

  • Our universe has an infinite expanse

Did you know that our universe is in continuous transformation and expansion? Well, this means that all the galaxies far from Earth are moving away from us and this is called what we know as cosmic inflation.

Now, what’s interesting to point out is that the further away from our planet you go, the faster the universe is expanding, which means there could also be other civilizations and such. Amazing, right?

Now, are there any portals to another dimension that we can reach to get in touch with other humans? That’s debatable and rather a sensitive subject to discuss, but here at Science in the World, we love to dig deeper into the issues so we can keep our readers engaged and interested in our topics. So let’s see where the story gets us.

  • Parallel universes never interact

Parallel worlds do, as the name implies, exist side by side. Despite always being side by side, they never touch, just like parallel lines. The Big Bang, an immensely tremendous explosion that created even more universes, is thought to have resulted from the collision of parallel worlds. Wow! Cool, right?

But wait for it! According to a theory developed by certain physicists, the cosmos is made up of three-dimensional membranes known as branes. Think of a theater to understand it better. The projected video looks to be a two-dimensional reality, even if the spectator is in a three-dimensional environment. While the other viewers would still be seeing the movie in two dimensions, the viewer who could enter the movie would be in a three-dimensional world.

Of course, this is just a small part of the whole scientific explanation; everything is much more complex, and it took years of studying the matter to be understood by scientists.

Now, because we hope we cleared up the “fog” a little bit, let’s start with all the locations in which were discovered portals to another dimension. Would it be a myth or not? We let you decide for yourself after reading the rest of the article.

1. Atacama Desert

Over the years, there have been rumors that deserts hide portals to another dimension, especially because they are mostly uninhabited places where you can get lost easily. Oooh, spooky! This is the case of the Atacama Desert, also known as California’s skinny doppelganger, located in Chile.

Let’s assume there are some possibilities for life on other planets in the Atacama Desert in the northern section of the nation. One of the driest locations on Earth is this desert. Contrary to what you may imagine, there is a sizable population of microorganisms living down there, where there is just a small amount of dry earth, followed by clay.

What relevance does that have to our fourth planet, then? Because of its climate’s striking resemblance to Mars, this location is regarded by experts as being the closest match for Mars on Earth.

With this being said, experts tend to believe that if this place isn’t a portal to another dimension, it might be a “bridge” to Mars, a connection between our lives and Martians.

The Atacama Desert is indeed one unusual location on the Earth, but if you are curious to read more about other realms, check out this book written by Nick Redfern. The World’s Weirdest Places is available both in paperback and Kindle versions for $11.82 only on Amazon! You better hurry up if you want to buy it because it’s selling fast. Now let’s get back to our article ’cause it isn’t over yet! 

2. Catatumbo River

Strange phenomena are occurring around the Catatumbo River in western Venezuela, including lightning storms that are absolutely bizarrely powerful. Nine hours a day, from 16 to 40 times a minute, and 140 to 160 nights a year, respectively, see this lightning strike. Wow! That is both fantastic and unsettling. This location is unique in that the lightning doesn’t generate any thunder.

If not even the scientists couldn’t figure out what’s happening there, it’s a must to put it on our list of mysterious places that are considered portals to another dimension. Have you ever been here to witness this phenomenon with your own eyes? Tell us in the comments.

3. The Darvaza Crater

Since the 1970s, this location has been somewhat of a mystery, and many people believe it’s also a portal to another dimension. However, if you are unfamiliar with its tale, hold tight—we are going to fill you in.

Nearly three-quarters of Turkmenistan is covered by the Karakum Desert, where Soviet geologists started searching for oil in 1971. However, it turned out to be an enriched pocket of natural gas when they believed they had a lead on petroleum.

They kept digging until the soil above that pocket collapsed under the force of their drilling, forming a huge crater. They assumed that setting it on fire would be the most effective method to prevent the confined methane from leaking into the sky. This would most likely burn out within a few weeks. Simple, right? Well, spoiler alert: everything went berzerk, and even after 50 years, the fire is still burning.

This crater, which is around 230 feet square and 65 feet deep, is regarded as the biggest on the whole planet. Millions of visitors flock each year to the region commonly referred to as “The Gates of Hell.” Would you venture there?

portals to another dimension
Photo by The local guide from Shutterstock

4. Reverse Waterfall

And slowly, we got to the last but not least location on the list, which is located in India, and it’s about a peculiar waterfall. Everyone anticipates seeing the water tumbling down from a waterfall. This one is quite the contrary. Instead, the water is seen in this unusual place going upward.

Locals say it’s because of an anti-gravitational force, while others think it’s because of the intense air pressure. Since we are not scientists, we will let you determine which explanation best matches the facts.

If reading about portals to another dimension was just the tip of the iceberg for you and you want to read more scientific stuff you’re definitely in the right place. Today’s recommendation for you is 7 Things From Outer Space That Will Destroy the World.


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