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Top 10 Secret US Locations: Neither Scientists Can’t Explain Them

Are you brave enough to visit these secret US locations? 

It may seem like we’ve discovered everything about the world, but mysteries remain. Many things, including the genesis of the strangest natural formations and the mechanisms behind some events, may be explained by science.

With this advanced technology, we may think we can know every little corner of this world, yet there are so many mysteries that not even scientists can’t explain them. In this article, we will explore some of the most unusual and secret US locations that are still considered “the Twilight Zone.” Are YOU ready? Buckle up, because the journey is going to be full of shivers and weird encounters!

secret US locations
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Roswell, New Mexico

One of the first secret US locations was Roswell, and if you are a mystery lover, you probably already know a few things about this area. Hint: We’re going to talk a lot about aliens and UFOs in the following lines!

The UFO is said to have landed here in 1947, and a nearby rancher spotted the wreckage on his land. An intelligence official first claimed that it was UFO particles, and the story quickly made it to the front pages. Then, though, American military officials said it was merely a weather balloon. Hmm, to be or not to be—that is the question!

People first accepted the official version of the story, but in the 1970s, many began to assume that the government had discovered aliens on the scene and was covering up the tragedy. But “only” 20 years later, the government spoiled the idea of a possible UFO by saying that the object found was from a surveillance balloon used for a project.

What do you think about this story? Sounds a bit made up, right? Yet, after so many years, Roswell is among those secret US locations that nobody knows for sure if they are visited by aliens or not.

Skinwalker Ranch, Utah

Also known as “the weirdest place on Earth,” Skinwalker Ranch is a location where many people witness paranormal activities and everything dates from the time when the Native American tribes lived here, and they told a lot of old tales about strange “Skinwalker” creatures dwelling there. Booh, spooky! I wonder what they looked like.

But wait a minute, there is more! Soon after a family moved to this area, they started noticing stuff around them that seemed out of this world. They reported seeing strong lights, hearing strange sounds, and even encountering 7-foot-tall alien beings.

While this may sound hard to believe, not even the scientists who work there say that a lot of bizarre things happen. That’s why we included them in our list of secret US locations that are weird, and nobody could say what’s really happening in this area.

Pine Barrens, New Jersey

Have you ever heard of the Jersey Devil? If not, make yourself comfortable, because we have quite a story to tell! The Pine Barrens, a natural preserve in South Jersey, is well-known for being the Jersey Devil’s fabled home.

According to legend, the monster was once a demon with bat wings and claws that was born to a local lady in the 18th century and periodically went on rampages, destroying humans and cattle. Furthermore, this devil isn’t the only thing people are afraid of. The forest is also a place you won’t want to be during the night! Locals believe the entire place is haunted by a pilot who died in a plane crash.

Oregon Vortex, Oregon

The fourth from the top of secret US locations that are so weird and inexplicable is Oregon Vortex. A lot of people have said that this place is so eerie it sends shivers down your spine. Various incidents that happened scared even the scientists, who admit they don’t really know what’s happening here or what’s at the root of these paranormal activities.

People’s heights fluctuate chaotically; they experience dizziness, and some say that they are unable to stand upright; brooms are floating in the air; and animals are afraid to come near the area. It’s interesting to remember that the Native Americans called the Oregon Vortex the forbidden ground. Now, the question is: do we need to investigate it even further, or is it better to keep it a mystery? Would you visit this place?

From haunted places to unusual attractions, America is definitely a place of wanderlust. If all these secret US locations tickled your curiosity and you want to find out more stuff about The Weirdest Places in the USA, check out this book. The paperback version is available on Amazon for only $9.98. 

San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio, Texas

If you’re from around Texas, you probably know the San Fernando Cathedral. It’s an amazing piece of architecture, famous for its Gothic style. To conclude, it’s a must to take pictures of it. While during the day this building is amazing to look at, when the sun goes to sleep, everything changes.

Like any other spooky story, everything started somewhere in the previous century when a couple of workers who were renovating the church noticed something unusual near the altar. Military uniforms and human remains were buried under the altar table.

After that and long after, the renovations finished, the visitors started seeing weird things around the buildings. Blurry human shadows that seem to be of a man dressed in military clothes. Now, that’s spooky, for sure!

We can all agree that this is one of those secret US locations where scientists can’t figure out what’s the deal with it. Is it really haunted, or are people seeing things?

secret US locations
Photo by Dragan Jovanovic from Shutterstock

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California

Is this something about the famous TV series “Supernatural? Sorry to disappoint you, but no. It’s just a simple name coincidence. But it’s funny how it might lead to one of the stories from the show. However, the Winchester mystery house is a famous place people attracted to enigmas enjoy visiting. What’s the story behind the spooky place? Well, these events belong to a woman named Sarah Winchester. In a very short time, she lost her father, her husband, and her son. Suddenly she felt like a clairvoyant would know why it happened, and the answer was very troubling. The family was killed by the ghosts that were lurking in their house.

Since she was very scared, she moved away to San Jose, California. Eventually, she built a new place to stay, but she wanted to make it safer so the tragedy wouldn’t repeat itself. The home contains windows that might lead to hidden passageways, doors that open into brick walls, and steps that go up to the ceiling. This was her plan to keep bad spirits away from the mansion.

What do you think of these secret US locations? Which one deserves a first place at the top? Tell us in the comments section down below.

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