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Top 8 Most Intelligent Animals, According to Science

african parrot
Photo by Andika77 from Shutterstock

Which are the most intelligent animals in the world?

The animal kingdom is packed with brainiacs. Scientists have discovered that behaviors we thought to be unique to humans are also found in several animals that use their brains like superpowers.

In fact, it seems that some nonhuman animals are actually so smart that it’s hard to compare them. They are surprisingly capable of intelligence, thought, and empathy in ways that we never expected.

This being said, we’d like to highlight some of the most intelligent animals that have emerged from scientific research.

A thing to keep in mind is that most experiments to test critters intelligence are based on what we, as humans, can do, not what animals need to learn in order to survive.

So, caveats done, here are some of the most intelligent animals!

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