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4 Most Cruel Tests Made on Animals

Have you heard about these cruel tests on animals that science is responsible for?

A lot of people do not know about the cruel tests on animals that are still ongoing today. While a lot of us do not want to think about these things, animal testing has been a staple of getting a lot of products approved to be sold to humans ever since we have gotten safety regulations in place.

Yet, when most people think about animal testing, they think about the rat tests and not about the true extent to which humans and scientists would go to test their products.

Be it that it for chemicals, cosmetics, or food. or drug business, or it is for medical training or just science experiments driven by curiosity, animal testing has been prevalent in the last few decades. However, there have been movements and non-governmental organizations that have been against cruel tests on animals and that have advocated for these furry friends.

And no, it is not just about rats, but dogs, cats, bunnies, and many other animals as well!

If you have always been curious about how some of the products you use are tested make sure you keep on reading. Some of these cruel tests on animals are not only unnecessary but they are also extremely horrific and most companies do not want you to know what they truly do to these poor, helpless animals.

What is your opinion on animal testing? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

cruel tests on animals
Image By Andrea Izzotti From Shutterstock

Poison animal testing

When it comes to testing how poisons can affect humans, these friendly dogs end up getting the short end of the stick.

Labs have long chosen animal testing to see how these substances will affect humans or living organisms, with the big idea being that most of the time the symptoms do not translate one to one on humans. Yet, this has not stopped laboratories from conducting cruel tests on animals, in particular on dogs.

Since the breeds are docile and friendly, along with not being specifically big, beagles and hounds end up being the preferred breeds for such tests involving poisons, and they end up suffering all their lives because of it.

They are mostly born into these facilities, and when they are not subjected to cruel tests, they live inside cold, metal cages where they never know the joy of being a companion or having a family.

These poison tests are cruel and unnecessary, and they involve anything you can think of, from force-feeding these dogs these poisonous substances to implants and the most horrible of surgeries.

And before you think that these types of tests are not happening in the civilized world, you do not have to look further than the Texas A&M University and Royal Veterinary College in Hertfordshire, along with hundreds of other known companies.

In the United States alone, it is estimated that about 70,000 beagles are used every year for testing, and these tests are not easy to fight against. Recently, there have been companies that have stopped these inhuman practices, but there are still thousands of other labs across the nation and the world that still resort to this type of animal testing.

Overbreeding for diseases

When it comes to dogs, it seems like they do not get a break, as they have been the subject of overbreeding in more ways than one. We have all heard about backyard breeders who end up selling puppies for thousands, but not many of us have heard about breeding dogs for animal testing.

Known institutions that still use animal testing for various reasons, like the Royal Veterinary College in Hertfordshire and Texas A&M University, have started to breed animals with known diseases under the guise that they are trying to find a cure for them.

However, most of the time, this is not the case, and the results are inconclusive or downright nonexistent. Despite this, these institutions continue to breed dogs with incurable diseases and subject them to suffering in the name of science.

The most telling sign that this is a cruel test on animals and nothing more is that they keep breeding dogs that have Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

This disease is also present in humans, and it means that one of the genes that has an integral role in the muscle’s structure is defective. As a result, patients will lose mobility, and with time, they will lose muscle functions and get weaker, all the way until the heart and breathing functions stop completely.

Not only is it horrible to subject these animals to a life with a terminal disease, but it is extremely cruel to also subject them to animal testing when it has been seen that the efforts to find a cure are fruitless. Not to mention, any findings done on dogs would be inconclusive for humans due to the “physiologic differences between animals and humans,” as some experts have reported.

If you are conflicted about this debate about life-saving research vs. animal welfare and you want an objective look, make sure you give this flip book a read, as it is insightful and easy to go through. You can easily get it on Amazon for less than $9.

cruel tests on animals

Irritation tests for cosmetics

We all know that cosmetic brands have started to use the cruelty-free label as a way to appeal to more and more customers. Yet, what you do not know is that there are a lot of brands that may not be using animal testing in the United States, but for them to be able to be sold in China, for example, they are still testing on animals.

The truly sad thing is that these cruel tests on animals are still not outside of the norm for many US brands, and the most common ones are the skin and eye irritation ones.

This is one of the most cruel ones, as it involves forcefully applying the products to the bunny’s exposed skin or directly into their eye to see if they get any sort of reaction out of it. Sometimes nothing happens, and other times this cruel practice leads to ulcers, bleeding, and blindness, leaving these helpless animals in pain and with permanent health damage.

The sad part does not end here, as when they are not actively used for tests, the rabbits are kept in uncomfortable cages, sometimes in too small ones too, and they are not even treated like living animals.

This type of animal testing not only shows how cruel people can be, but also just how they do not these animals as breathing lifeforms, but much more like an object to be done with as they please. The saddest part yet is that these types of tests are unnecessary!

There are plenty of ways to test these products without torturing helpless animals, and many of these brands know it but do not want to take the necessary steps to stop it!

cruel tests on animals
Image BY New Africa From Shutterstock

Rodent tests for almost anything

The animals that truly get the short end of the stick when it comes to animal testing have always been mice and rats: they are small and easy to handle, they reproduce quickly, people think of them as pests, and they have short lifespans, so scientists do not have to worry a lot about them.

These are just some of the “reasons” used to justify using rats and mice in thousands of scientific studies over the years, and there are more than one hundred million of these animals that die each year in the name of science.

There are many dark sides to the science world, but when you realize just how cruel it can be to animals, especially mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, and rats because they are thought of as pests, it truly becomes disheartening.

A lot of these rodents do not have a long life, and the days they do have are kept being subjected to cruel tests as most of them stop at nothing. From inflicting pain to seeing their reactions to giving them illnesses and tumors to unnecessary mutilations and live surgeries, these are just some examples of all the horrors these small animals are subjected to.

Even worse, most of these tests do not amount to anything, so most scientists cannot justify them by saying they are testing something that would be useless. These animals are virtually tortured for no reason, rendering most of these animal tests redundant.

Animals are not the only ones that have been subjected to inhuman experiments and tests over the years, as scientists and doctors have done this to humans as well. If you want to delve deeper into the dark side of science, make sure you check out these scary human experiments throughout history!


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  1. The horror of it. Animal testing has to stop. I feel in our advancement of science and medicines it is no longer necessary and brings no conclusive results. The price of these poor animals is too high for them to have to pay. I find all this extremely heartless and cruel and hope it will stop sooner than later. Shame on all those who support this cruelty.

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