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How The World Will Look in 2100. Here’s What Scientists Think

The world in 2100? How will it be? Can you imagine it? In the past, when thinking about the future, people used to imagine flying cars and cities in the sky, but is it the same now? Another theory that was popular in the 1990s was that we would live underwater, and instead of cities in the sky, we would have them deep in the ocean.

But as time passed and technology advanced, we became more aware of our limitations. This can help us predict the way our future will look in a more realistic manner. Also, technology will never stop evolving, which means we will have even more possibilities than we can imagine when we think about the world in 2100.

Read on and discover some theories about how the world will look in 2100. What do you think about them? Does the future seem brighter?

the world in 2100
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1. Virtual realities that are hyper-personalized

You’ve probably heard about the metaverse, but this concept belongs to 2023, not 2100. Companies presented the world with what these virtual worlds could be, and certain demographics were excited about it, but this is just the beginning.

What you see and understand today through the metaverse is something simple. This is the start of the next big thing that will take over the world. Take a second and try to imagine what virtual reality could be if it could gather all the information it needs directly from our brains. We know, we know, this might sound scary, but listen to us.

It would be incredible to have a world where everything is shaped according to your fantasies and can fulfill every dream of yours. People will be the kings and queens of their reality, and they will never get bored. This could be the ultimate entertainment machine. 

On the other hand, virtual realities can become dangerous, and there are even some countries that consider using them as punishment for criminals. A reality like this can manifest a person’s biggest fears, and this is just scary.

2. Our cities will transform 

The world in 2100 will be so much different than the world we have today. And this means cities are also included. It is obvious that since everything changes, they will not remain the same. The new cities will adapt to the new needs of humanity.

Let’s take a look at environmental problems and the way we manage our resources. It is clear that things don’t look so good, and future cities will need to adapt to this. That’s how arcologies will be born. These are massive structures that can encapsulate an entire city. These towers will be the largest structures ever built by humanity.

All the engineering behind these structures will be about carbon nanotubes that are able to sustain them. Since they are so big, the arcologies will be immune to earthquakes and other natural disasters.

So, cities will move into these massive towers, and there, humanity will have everything it needs: transportation, food, and social interaction. All of it will be condensed inside the arcologies.

3. The force fields

The world in 2100 will have many new technologies, and force fields will become a reality. But what are the force fields? More technologies that will be stacked together will create this new invisible protective shield. When it is activated, it will provide an almost impenetrable field that can take hits from almost any type of weapon. 

An electromagnetic field-shaped dome or sphere made of supercharged plasma makes up the outer layer. This is hot enough to evaporate the majority of metals that come into contact with it. The secondary layer will have millions of laser beams that are able to catch and destroy the projectiles that are powerful enough to pass through the first layer.

The third layer will be composed of millions of nanotubes. And will be like a base that is able to hold the first two layers. The fourth and final layer will be made of photochromatic particles, and it will take care of the laser attack since it will be able to neutralize the laser beams.

So, the main purpose of this force will be protection. But besides protecting our planet, they will be used to create some of the strongest armor ever created and also to protect the satellites we have in space from any potential projectile that can hit them.

4. Knowledge and skill will be downloaded into our brains

How easy could it be to just want to learn a skill and then immediately drown it in your brain? We know it might sound a little bit farfetched, but this might be possible in the future. The world in 2100 will have technologies that will be so advanced that we can’t even think about them now.

At some point, humans will be able to connect the brain to software. This will basically give us access to our brains through an external device. And by being able to do this, we will also be able to download skills into our brains.

When knowledge is downloaded, the memory and planning centers of the brain rapidly incorporate it. This enables people to master subjects like computer technology or chemistry without needing to study or pick up a textbook.

Using this technology, humans will become more intelligent because, besides learning traditional skills, they will also be able to learn problem-solving, pattern recognition, critical thinking, or simply increase their vocabulary.

This technology might create conflict between people because some will not want to accept it. In the end, the computerized brains will be so much stronger than the non-altered ones, and we will see what happens from this point on.

the world in 2100
Photo by Andrea Danti from Shutterstock

5. Hive mind and telepathy 

The world in 2100 will be a totally different place. What we know today will be long gone, and all of the new technologies will take the place of the ones that are familiar to us. 

In the year 2100, it will be possible for people to connect to a worldwide network. The ideas of billions of people will be available for anyone to access. The global mind, the hive mind, and the brainternet are some of the titles given to this concept. You’ve probably already heard of it, but now it will be a reality.

Large groups of individuals may work together so much better, and it is easier than ever to accomplish time-sensitive goals. This idea is being adopted by businesses, nonprofits, and political organizations to enable better-structured work.

Also, it will be possible to access the emotions, feelings, and memories of other people and experience them anywhere and anytime you want. 

Further, telepathic communication between people will be possible because of this kind of human advancement. We will be able to quickly communicate our ideas, fantasies, and feelings to others who have access to such knowledge.

As you can see, the world in 2100 will be completely new. The thing is that these changes will not happen immediately. They will take time, and humanity will be able to adapt to them. 

What do you think? Do you feel ready to live in the future? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section!

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