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10 Incredible Facts About Albert Einstein

What do you know about Albert Einstein? 

The supreme genius of the entire universe is undisputedly Albert Einstein. He is mentioned everywhere, as well as “worn” on various shirts, and for a reason! Who knew such a shy and not-so-talkative child would become one of the most important figures in the world?

Many of Albert Einstein’s scientific discoveries have influenced our understanding of the universe and how it functions. That’s why in today’s article I will mention some of the facts about him, some lesser known than others, so it’s a must that you stay with me until the end of it. Trust me, you won’t regret it! Now, buckle up, dear reader, ’cause this scientific journey is going to be quite bumpy.

Albert Einstein, facts
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

1. He didn’t speak until he was around four

It is not exactly what you would expect from one of the most well-known geniuses in history, is it? The truth is that Albert Einstein wasn’t the “regular” child you may think of. His deformed head terrified his parents as well when he was born. However, this was just temporary, as his head began to revert to its original shape after a few weeks. He was rather shy, and his parents were very worried he might have a mental disability.

Because of this, brilliant kids who also have delayed language emergence are referred to as having “Einstein syndrome,” according to social theorist Thomas Sowell.

2. He loved music

The fact that Albert Einstein enjoyed music is another fascinating piece of information about him. He spent most of his life being incredibly passionate about music; in fact, he said that music was frequently how he thought and that it brought him the greatest delights. Honestly, the world would be more sad without music.

In addition, Einstein said that if he hadn’t become a physicist, he probably would have been a musician. I wonder what made him turn to physics! When he was five years old, his mother had him study the violin, but he wasn’t fond of it. But when he came across Mozart’s works when he was thirteen, he started to become more interested in music.

At the age of 17, he even amazed a school inspector with a performance of Beethoven’s violin sonatas. From that point on, Einstein’s life focused on music, and it is said that he would play the violin to unwind.

3. Albert Einstein was asked to be the president of Israel

Being a physicist was something, but how did Einstein go from that to being asked if he wanted to be the president of Israel? Throughout the years, he has been a great supporter of Jewish scientists, and during the Nazi regime, he rescued many people who were about to be murdered in concentration camps.

Since he gained the respect of the majority of Jews, in 1952 he was asked by Israel’s Prime Minister to be the president of the country, but he declined. Although he was deeply touched by the offer, he clarified that he was unable to accept it as he felt unqualified to handle issues related to the president’s position and that he was primarily involved in more objective matters.

Can you imagine a world in which Albert Einstein would have been a president?

4. Physics makes people fall in love!

I wanted to make this joke only because it was a match for the context! I don’t know how many of you know that Einstein’s first wife was also a brilliant mathematician and physicist. They met in school when he was studying to get his diploma in teaching, and (surprise!) she was the only woman in the class.

After quite some time of being friends, their relationship turned into a romance, and in 1903 they got married. Albert and Mileva had three children together, two boys and one girl, but unfortunately, she died shortly after birth.

5. Besides physics and science, sleep was very important to him

That’s why he slept for around 10 hours a day! He knew something for sure. Only a well-rested brain like Einstein’s could function properly to contribute to the world as we know it.  I don’t know about you, but already know what I am going to do tonight!

6. He loved mathematics too, but physics was his favorite

There were various rumors about Einstein, and this is one of the most popular ones. When he was a child he struggled with arithmetic and math wasn’t exactly his favorite discipline. But this is just a myth because, in reality, he was very good both in math and physics, learning algebra and advanced math in the course of just one summer.

In addition, Albert Einstein proved he could prove the Pythagorean theorem on his own at the age of twelve. He became an accomplished mathematics student at the age of fourteen.

7. Finding a job was a common struggle even back then

Who knew that even a genius would struggle with finding a job after school? Well, two years after graduation, he eventually succeeded in landing a position at the Federal Office for Intellectual Property in Bern as a patent examiner.

During his seven-year employment in the patent office, Einstein was so productive that he found time to continue working on his scientific discoveries while working as a patent clerk.

8. He married his cousin Elsa

Marrying a relative wasn’t such a big deal back in the day. So, soon after he divorced his first wife (three months later), Mileva Marić, he married his cousin Elsa Einstein. Yes, that’s true. Their dads were first cousins, while their moms were sisters.

Since the couple never had any children, together they raised Elsa’s daughters, Margot and Ilse.

Today’s book recommendation from me is The World As I See It by Albert Einstein himself. It’s available in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle formats. This book, which includes letters, lectures, articles, and essays published before 1935, provides a thorough portrayal of Einstein as a human being attempting to make sense of the world around him and as a humanitarian.

It costs just $5.95. It would be a pity not to have it in your collection! 

9. The FBI spied on him for a long time

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) monitored the activities of Einstein due to his notoriety as an acclaimed scientist and activist. Because of his connections to several socialist and peace organizations, the FBI has maintained a secret file on him since 1932.

He initially traveled with his wife to the States intending to stay for two months straight. Meanwhile, Hitler became chancellor in 1933, and since he wasn’t very “keen” on the physicist and his ideas, Einstein decided to never go back to Germany. In 1935, he applied for citizenship, and in 1940, he became one.

J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI, even desired to keep Einstein outside of the United States since they believed the physicist to be an extremist and a communist. The FBI file was 1,427 pages long when Einstein passed away.

Albert Einstein, facts
Photo by Akimov Igor from Shutterstock

10. For his 72nd birthday he was photographed in a goofy-silly kind of way

You already know the famous picture of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue. It went viral, but for a lot of people, it seemed fake. But it’s not! Einstein was 72 years old when the picture was taken, on March 14, 1951. At first, United Press International (UPI) photographer Arthur Sasse wanted Einstein to show a nice smile for the camera.

Instead, Einstein chose to stick his tongue out after grinning for many photographers that day. Amazed by how the picture turned out, Einstein requested the photographer give him nine copies for his use.

A year later, after his death, a copy signed by him was sold for around $74,324. Wow!

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