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9 Shocking Things That Happen During Anesthesia: See How the Body Reacts to It

happen during anesthesia
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Have you ever wondered what can happen during anesthesia? 

A lot of things in life are downright scary, and anesthesia is definitely one of them! That’s why the question from above stands tall: how often do you think what’s happening to our brains and bodies during a surgical procedure where we need anesthesia?

Although it may sound scary, besides a deep sleep, are there other things that happen during anesthesia? We’ve talked to a few anesthesiologists, and we found out some interesting things that will make you say “woah” throughout the entire read. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

In 3, 2, 1, take a deep breath because we’re about to start with the number one “symptom.”

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9 Responses

  1. My experience after open heart surgery was that I remained unconscious for almost 2 days. It was declared that I suffered a stroke and would be partially paralyzed on the left side if I did recover. I awakened and had no ill effects. The neurologist had never taken any tests and was totally wrong to make that diagnosis causing my family pain and anguish.

  2. Unfortunately, I was one of those patients who woke up but my body was still asleep… The neurological connection from the brain apparently took a long hot minute to finally connect for my body to start working again. Rather frightening feeling realizing I was in a comatose state but fully awake unable to move any part of my body. The information in this article was very helpful for me to connect all the dots. Can anesthesia do harm to your brain?

  3. There is also a possibility during the brain “reset” that patients come out “changed” or different. Rod Steiger, a famous actor known for his role in the movie”In The Heat Of The Night”, alleged that he was no longer the same person after anesthesia. Be that as it may, I have a brother-in-law who swears that his father somehow went from a stern, serious and stoic man to a gadfly and somewhat clownish guy after a heart procedure. My brother-in-law grilled me about my heart procedure and noted that I didn’t seem to change at all while his father was now a different person. I had seen Rod Steiger in an interview and didn’t put much thought into it until my brother-in-law complained about his father.

  4. While under general anesthesia for a deviated septum, I woke up mid surgery, listening to the doctor and nurses. I then spoke, asking a question not related to the surgery, and then they put me back under. There was no pain either. It wasn’t discussed afterward.

  5. I’ve had some emergency surgeries that saved my life. I was fine. Mostly, I think I scared the doctor, but he only lost it after he finished his calm objective excellent surgery. Interestingly right before going into surgery I told the doctor I was confident he would save me and he said “Let’s go save your life”—so I think this is a great attitude, because the mind affects the body and the outcome of surgery is always better if all concerned expect a positive outcome.

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