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Maths, Video Games, and 5 Things Women Do Better Than Men (Science-Backed)

We have to talk about all the things women do better than men! And yes, they’re science-backed!

Okay, we go back to the difference between genders: there was always a confrontation between men and women, from the right to vote to the one who can do the other one’s job better to who’s more suitable to be the head of the family, and so many other things. So, what are the things that women do better than men?

There were many times throughout history when women and men fought about who’s better at what and why, but before we go further with this article, I have to say that this one isn’t meant to cause any reasons for making one gender feel upset or for making the other feel less than the other one. It’s only meant to discuss the things women do better than men, according to research.

If you want to discover what scientists think and have discovered about this subject, then keep reading, but don’t forget that both men and women are unique, and society couldn’t function properly without either of them!

things women do better than men
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1. Mathematics and science

Mathematics and science are two popular subjects that are considered to be dominated by males, mainly because the number of men who attend classes such as chemistry, engineering, and quantum mechanics is higher than the number of female attendees.

However, scientists say that these two domains are some of the things women do better than men, at least when they’re in school. Sources say that girls tend to get higher grades at school, even if they don’t have a passion for these subjects. Some of the most incredible women who were involved in such serious and complicated domains are Hedy Lamarr, Rosalind Franklin, and Dame Mary Lucy Cartwright.

2. Better grades in school

Speaking of grades, scientists discovered that when they’re in school, regardless of whether they’re in middle school or college, one of the things women do better than men is get good grades.

Of course, there are plenty of studies on which one gender outsmarts the other, and things can indeed change or not include all the individuals in that city, country, or part of the world. There are also plenty of gender stereotypes that influence the way we think or perceive certain information, such as the fact that men are physically stronger and smarter and women are more sensitive and nurturing.

But experts discovered that from the moment they’re little, such as when they’re in kindergarten, girls are more disciplined than boys. They don’t have a problem following rules; they pay attention to the instructions they receive as well as the details, and they can work on long-term assignments, although they might be bored and frustrated.

Moreover, they’re also more likely to choose to finish their homework before engaging in any relaxing activities, such as scrolling through social media, watching TV, or going outside.

The studies didn’t reveal that the things women do better than men also go further into their adult lives, such as managing their job tasks better, being more detailed-focused on different assignments, or any other things, so we can say that it depends on the nature of the job as well as on the individual’s personality.

3. Making computer games

Okay, I think we’re all gender-stereotype victims when it comes to the things women do better than men. Many of us, including myself, thought that playing or making computer games was mainly something that men were interested in, but that’s not true, as experts say.

Even though we might’ve thought that gaming was a male hobby, given the way it was presented in the media, a study conducted by the University of Sussex discovered that one of the things women do better than men is computer programming.

The reason they said that is because they discovered that women did a better job at writing a more complex code system while they were designing their 3D role-playing game.

What do you think about these things that women do better than men? Do you agree with any of these? Leave a comment down below, because I’m curious to know, especially since there are so many popular gender stereotypes!

things women do better than men
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4. Better managers and bosses

We’re getting real here, so hang on! We continue with the things women do better, as experts say, and something they discovered might surprise you: women are thought to be better managers and bosses than men.

The explanation might be the fact that females tend to have a more maternal role in the workplace, and although they might be very tough, they have an excellent capacity for solving problems.

Besides that, one of the things women do better than men is understand someone else’s emotions and body language. While they can be emphatic, they’re also rational thinkers and great team coordinators.

So, what do you say about this one? Do you find it accurate? How many things women do better than men do you think there are?

5. Job interviews

Everyone has to go to job interviews at least once in their lifetime because that’s the way things go. Experts discovered that one of the things women do better than men is handle the stress of a job interview. The study was conducted by the University of Western Ontario, and although scientists noticed that women were more stressed and panicked before the actual interview, they concluded that they dealt with it better than men.

The explanation is very simple: given the fact that they’re scared, one of the things women do better than men is prepare more before the important interview, which gives them enough confidence to manage their emotions and impress their potential future employer.

Men, on the other hand, have the tendency to take things easy, which isn’t a bad thing in general, but they only prepare at the last minute, and that’s not enough time to make a good impression.

Do you share the same opinion with experts at the University of Western Ontario?

things women do better than men
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6. Healthy eating habits

Did you know that following a healthy lifestyle is also one of the things women do better than men? It’s true that everybody wants to be healthy and have a great physique, but according to a survey conducted by the University of Minnesota, in which more than 14,000 people participated, experts discovered that women are more intrigued by the foods they put on their plates, which means that they make healthier and mindful choices.

While men focus on their red meat and delicious pizzas, women are filling up their plates with veggies and fruits. Whether this might be a result of the pressure that was put on women to look good or simply because they love chocolate a lot and have to balance things out, eating fruits and veggies is definitely one of the things that women do better than men.

7. Stronger immune systems

No wonder some men act like it’s the end of the world when they catch a cold; women’s bodies are stronger when it comes to different health issues. Scientists discovered that women have stronger immune systems compared to men, and that’s thanks to their natural secret weapon: estrogen.

According to a study done by McGill University, estrogen is a wonderful hormone that helps women with small battles that happen inside their bodies, such as infections. The scientific explanation is that estrogen can defeat a particular enzyme that sometimes hinders the body’s first line of defense against viruses and bacteria.

What do you say about this? Estrogen is the secret weapon in this pseudo-fight regarding the things women do better than men! At least when it comes to health and immune systems.

If you want to know more about this topic and discover other impressive things women do better than men, check out this amazing ebook, because it will blow your mind!

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