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Top 8 Most Ridiculous Inventions Ever Made

Humanity has always tried to push limits when it comes to inventions. They changed destinies, shaped our whole reality, and brought us all forward. Starting with the wheel and arriving at the internet in our days, in all eras, it was something seen as a milestone in human development.

However, some inventions disappeared due to their inefficiency, even if the creator had the best intentions. Seeing them is going to leave you with the “What were they thinking?” question.

Let’s dive together into the funny and absurd side of inventions, and remember that any failure is just a step closer to success.

8. The Pet Rock

Stones as a live pet? This was a cultural phenomenon of the 1970s. Gary Dahl, who marketed these rocks as pets, also came with a care-giving and training manual. It was for sure a good moment for parents who didn’t want the stress of owning a pet, and despite the lack of real interaction, growth, or purpose, the stones managed to play with the imagination of a whole generation, and the effect was short but intense.

This is an invention that proves the importance of marketing a product that can be unnecessary and unfunctional because he basically sold an idea. The stones became a memorable part of history because they showed how open individuals are to novelty and the absurd. We can’t deny how clever it was at this time, and to be honest, I’m sure there are more items these days sold in the same manner.

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7. The USB Pet Rock

You wouldn’t believe it when I told you that Pet Rock was back after decades, and this time, digital!

No, I meant it’s the same stone, but you could’ve connected it to your USB port this time. So, a stone with a USB cable attached that you could’ve plugged into your computer. No, it had no digital functionality, so it was again just a useless invention that tried to appear again after the massive digitalization and tried to be sold again with the same idea.

It was nothing more than another idea, a fun way of connecting nature with modern technology, and also a nostalgic approach that always feels good for emotional people.

6. Diet Water

2004 brought the concept of diet water to Japan, introduced by Sapparo, best known for beer. They claimed it could aid in weight loss, even if water has no calories. Well, the marketing was focused on the containment of peptides that were supposed to help with slimming. It was an appealing trend for people who were looking for easy ways to shed pounds.

However, it exposes how the diet industry is playing with people’s minds and desperation by exploiting their desire to quickly fix things. Taking water and transforming it into a commercial health product seems like a smart marketing move. The whole controversy over its promises, healthy effects, and lack of necessity created somehow a trend and also opposition to the diet industry. What to keep in mind about this invention and similar ones is to prioritize real health over flashy innovations and wellness trends.

5. The DVD Rewinder

A curious product, a blend of technological misunderstanding, and the nostalgia of VSH tapes, the Rewinder appeared as a crazy innovation in its time. The difference from the VSH that needed to rewind to prolonged lifespan, the DVD didn’t require this upkeep due to its digital nature. So, this gadget became the definition of redundant and unnecessary because it was trying to solve a non-existent issue.

It was marketed with humor and perceived more as a gag gift, but we won’t deny that it’s appealing to those unaware of DVD functionality or fond of old tape rituals. In the end, it’s another proof of how nostalgia and humor in the same product can create a market despite the lack of logic.

4. Banana Slicer

The banana slicer’s purpose is to slice a banana into even pieces in one swift motion.

It was marketed as a tool for fruit salads or toppings. But, in reality, is it practical? Bananas are some of the easiest to slice with any knife, and the slicer does not even fit all forms and sizes of bananas. It can be useful for a few people, but the overall practicality is debatable, and for most kitchens, it’s more an element of novelty than a necessity.

It’s just another gadget that reflects a trend and solves a minor inconvenience, and its presence on the market highlights the abundance of kitchen gadgets that are becoming more and more niche-oriented. We can see it as a humorous example of convenience gadgets that go too far, giving solutions to non-existent problems.

3. The Goldfish Walker

Walking your fish has never been easier!! If you ever thought about the limit or the cross point of pet care and absurdity, the Goldfish Walker is the definition of it. This is just another water-filled tank, but it has wheels. It’s designed for walking your aquatic friend, and the concept involves a change of scenery and outdoor experience for your fish.

Do they know that fish don’t perceive their surroundings in the same way as dogs or cats? And… they don’t really remember stuff, but this will become a debate for the whole owning a fish as a pet experience. However, this invention reflects how we project our own needs onto pets without considering that they don’t share some requirements or perceptions. It’s easy to see the good intention in this creation and the wish to enrich the lives of pet fish, but it serves no practical purpose for the pet it’s intended for.

Instead, it may satisfy the human need of giving and doing your best, and it demonstrates for sure how pet owners will include their non-traditional pets in daily activities, with or without real benefit to the animal. The most adorable part of this invention is the illustration of our human desire to connect with pets, no matter if the methods are impractical or unnecessary.

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2. The Walking Sleeping Bag

This was an attempt at blending the warmth and coziness you feel when sleeping with the ability to walk around, and it’s another example of conflicting ideas. How is it created? Well, this invention adds legs to a sleeping bag, and it promises the comfort of your sleep while on the move. This sounds ideal for camping and chill nights in your garden, but its real usefulness is debatable.

Not only is the mobility provided limited, but people who tried it reviewed it as more cumbersome than helpful. They described walking as awkward and still not replacing the need for outdoor clothing. The design contradicts the fundamental purpose of a sleeping bag, which is to insulate against elements, so by allowing drafts, the warmth is reduced.

This is just another funny invention that reminds us that not all innovations are made to simplify life, and sometimes it’s better to keep it traditional.

1. Invention of The Shoe Umbrella

A little umbrella attached to a frame that fits over the shoes, this item is made to shield footwear from splashes, rain, and damp conditions. They aim to keep your feet and shoes dry in wet weather. It can be appealing if you generally prioritize your shoe’s appearance, but the effectiveness of Shoe Umbrella faces a lot of skepticism.

It’s more than the rain coming from up. What about the windy conditions when the rain comes from the sides or there are a few inches of water on the ground? This is clearly less convenient than wearing proper shoes in wet weather, but even more impractical than owning a standard umbrella.

However, they cannot even be seen as fashionable, even in their extravagance, and they are mostly seen as a fashion blunder as they suggest a lack of style. They’ve been created from a very specific concern, but you can sacrifice aesthetics for a more practical solution at least.

Photo by Roman Samborskyi from Shutterstock

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