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7 Scientific Reasons Why Zombies Can’t Actually Exist

Zombies are creepy, but you don’t have to be afraid, because zombies can’t exist in our world! 

Because of the TV series “The Walking Dead,” which had a huge success worldwide, probably everybody asked themselves if zombies were real or if one day we would turn into those creatures too. Zombies are definitely interesting to look into because, despite being undead, they behave as though they are still alive.

Even though they are dead and frigid, they manage to split apart skulls and extract a sweet treat of brains. Science in the World is here to debunk this zombie myth and tell you that zombies can’t exist, if you don’t believe us right away, then sit tight and read the next lines because I did a bit of research for this article, and you will be surprised for all reasons.

zombies can't exist
Photo by Sergey Shubin from Shutterstock

1. Low sensory load

Let’s take it step-by-step. First of all, zombies are dead creatures, but somehow, even if they’re disintegrating, they’re still able to walk. Hmm, how is this even possible? It is pure fiction, of course, but it is interesting to dive into the topic more closely.

Without our five senses, we would be aimless and would not last very long on this planet. We would consume dangerous plants, bang our skulls against every door frame, and perhaps hit our feet on every table.

Furthermore, the fragile tissue of their eyes would be among the first organs to disintegrate as they started to decay, leaving zombies blindly grabbing at anybody unfortunate enough to cross their path.

In many zombie movies, they seemed to be guided by their smell and hearing, but guess what? Since they’re already dead and everything inside them is starting to decompose, it’s 100% impossible to still have all the senses sharp. So, don’t worry because zombies can’t exist, and even if they did, you would be able to avoid them super easily!

2. Their brain isn’t functional

Whether you believe they can run or not, it has been obvious since zombies first began to appear in popular culture that they are definitely no longer human. They are silent. They are unable to avoid the danger. Since they are unable to utilize tools, they are unable to defend themselves in an emergency.

So in case of a zombie outbreak, just find a secure place to hide yourself and make sure that place has a solid door. Contrary to what we’ve seen in The Walking Dead, zombies can’t take over your space. They don’t have strong muscles or logic to think for themselves. Yes, zombies can’t exist because they will be mindless creatures like a leaf in the wind and won’t survive more than 48 hours.

3. No zombie skin will ever heal

Simple cuts and scratches were dangerous even for human beings as healthy as horses before the invention of antibiotic lotions and medicines. Cuts provide dirt and bacteria with a little bit of space to enter your body. Luckily, with proper wound cleaning, you were able to recover, even if sometimes the healing process took longer than usual.

This was possible because we were…alive and human tissue can heal and regenerate. This is one reason zombies can’t exist. If they scratch themselves or get through a spiky fence, for example, their skin will get some cuts, and day by day the wound will be even more visible and they will eventually get infected.

Then little by little, their flesh will start to fall. “It wouldn’t be enjoyable to remain a zombie for an extended period, would it?”

4. Humidity is their No. 1 enemy

If you’re living in Atlanta, for example, then you can probably confirm the fact that the temperatures in August are unbearable. Not to mention the humidity, which seems to be on the rise constantly! The ongoing unusual climate on Earth is one of the reasons zombies can’t exist.

Elevated temperatures and high humidity accelerate the decay of decaying tissue by creating ideal circumstances for the growth of microorganisms and insects, whose enzymes break down almost anything they come into contact with. Within a few hours, zombies would be reduced to nothing more than carcasses by the scorching desert sun. So, that’s why they seemed to enjoy basements and dungeons so much!

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5. They don’t have immunity

Bacteria, viruses, and a lot of other tiny invaders kept coming and have plagued humankind since the beginning of time, making our existence pretty hard to bear. It’s true that in the meantime, medicine has evolved pretty much, and with the invention of various vaccines, we’ve got to be safer and safer. Which is awesome.

Now, the good part is that, as alive human beings, we can fight almost any disease with our immune system. Something that zombies don’t have. But seeing them as zombies, it’s probably for the best.

6. They don’t use toilets

So then, how can they even survive? Well, that’s the thing: zombies can’t exist! I thought we had established this by now. However, here’s another interesting fact about zombies: In the realm of monsters, zombies are fierce eaters, willing to devour themselves at any brain buffet.

Given that zombies aren’t recognized for having completely functional bodies, they may have holes in their digestive tract between their mouths and anuses. This path has gaps that prevent zombies from getting any kind of advantage from their food.

Therefore, there is a good chance that the brains they eat might hit a “dead end.”

zombies can't exist
Photo by Borkin Vadim from Shutterstock

7. They are already…dead

Zombies cannot tackle any physical issues that may arise, not only the ones described above that they would face from the environment. If, by any chance, a zombie breaks their ankle, well, good luck recovering from that. What if a stray dog attacks them?

A zombie’s destiny is set in stone. Most of their life support has already been turned off. Their bodies are powerless to heal themselves, nor can they go to a zombie hospital for assistance. Now that they’re dead, the hard work is over.

There’s no right or wrong method to take a zombie out of service. If we learned anything from the Walking Dead series, it is that all it takes to kill a zombie is to aim for the brain and turn away. All these scenarios underline the fact that zombies can’t exist in our world, and they should be only the result of a tremendous imagination.

In conclusion, zombies can’t exist in real life but only in TV series, comic books, and movies. And just in case something like this happens, then any of us could finish them more easily than expected.

If zombies can’t exist, then there won’t be a zombie apocalypse anytime soon, but there are some things from outer space that one day will destroy the world as we know it. Curious about them? Click here to read the article. 


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