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Debunking Flat Earth Claims: 9 Scientific Facts

Some still believe Earth is flat, but in this article, we will debunk all those flat Earth claims. 

Back in ancient Greece, people thought that Earth was spherical, and since then, thousands and thousands of scientists have discovered several pieces of evidence that confirm the theory. With advanced equipment, they were also able to see Earth from space, which backed the theory even more.

However, throughout time, there were a lot of people who kept on believing that Earth is…well flat. This was the topic of various scientific debates, and one professor at the University of Cincinnati said that a single misleading statement propagated by several sources on social media and alternative media might give the impression that it originates from a variety of sources. And people mistakenly believe there must be more to it if all of these sites are saying the same thing.

Now, enough with the introduction. Let’s get to those flat Earth claims and why they were denied by science.

flat Earth claims
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Antarctica is just an ice wall that surrounds our Earth

…Wait, what? Well, believe it or not, this was one of the flat Earth claims that was circulating on the internet a while ago, and many people believed it. While scientists rolled their eyes and most probably had a good laugh about it, they also wanted to give a proper explanation of why this was just another false statement.

Although there have been beliefs about a flat Earth for a long time, a recent post on social media said that the Earth is encircled by an ice wall from Antarctica. The continent’s shape—which is not an ice wall encircling the globe—is visible on satellite images. It is a yearly destination for travelers and has been explored by explorers. From a structural point of view, experts added, the ice wall concept is equally impractical; therefore, this is just another myth.

So, next time you hear that from a friend or some family members because otherwise you don’t need to engage in needless conversations on the internet with random people, tell them about this scientific proof.

Proof that the Earth is flat comes from planes flying “straight and level”

There is no possible way someone said that. Yet, there was, and it was on a roll on the internet for a while. Scientists are always there to debunk these myths, so let’s see what they have to say regarding this claim.

That idea does not imply that the airplanes are moving in a straight line. Using this strategy, you must fly in the same direction at a constant height. To maintain altitude and speed, pilots must continuously make changes.

The Earth does not naturally have a top or bottom; therefore, a plane traveling from one place to another could never land upside down.

Earth doesn’t rotate

Among the funniest flat Earth claims of all time is this one that says that Earth doesn’t rotate. As usual, scientists said this is false, and here is what they explained: From a height, one can observe the Earth’s shape, and the rotation of the planet affects everyday activities such as the paths taken by airplanes.

There is plenty of evidence to back up Earth’s shape and motion, including images, atmospheric processes, lunar eclipses, and star movement. Simply because people sense acceleration rather than speed, this spin is unnoticeable, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Cities cannot be upside down, therefore the Earth is flat!

One thing is certain: space doesn’t have an up and down, so it makes it impossible to see cities upside down around the globe. Regardless of the location of people or cities on Earth, gravity always draws items towards the center. So it is impossible to see Australians floating while, in Canada, everyone is having a stroll in the park. Unless we’re talking about a sci-fi movie, then things are getting interesting…

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Space images that lack stars were produced using a green screen

Of course, this is another thing people who think the Earth is flat will say out loud. As usual, there is scientific proof that this statement is false. The reason stars are rarely seen in space images is because their brightness prevents them from being picked up by the camera settings needed to record brighter things.

Space doesn’t exist and NASA admitted that Earth is flat

The papers cited in the article support NASA’s repeated assertions that the Earth is a spherical, spinning globe. It is usual practice to generalize mathematical equations using the “flat, non-rotating earth” model, according to experts, but it doesn’t have the slightest connection with Earth.

If the moon is visible during the day, then the Earth is flat

It’s quite likely that scientists are amazed by the plethora of absurd claims and tired of having to constantly reiterate the same responses whenever a topic like this is excessively debated on forums or social media. One certain thing is that the Earth is not flat, but rather has a spherical shape.

The sun, moon, and Earth’s visibility during the day, according to planetary scientists, are evidence of the planet’s rotation and motion in space rather than that the Earth is flat.

flat Earth claims
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Astronauts don’t train in vacuum chambers because space doesn’t exist

A NASA spokesman stated that to get ready for space travel, NASA astronauts practice in both vacuum chambers and pools. Space is real and a vacuum, as demonstrated by an abundance of data from space missions and earthbound observation.

Can you believe this post gained more than 1,000 likes in a month on social media? That’s insane, and it’s proof that many individuals believe word for word what other people write on the internet without doing a bit of research before…

Space travel is another false thing because propulsion can’t work in a vacuum

There were so many flat Earth claims on the internet that we couldn’t include them all in one article, but out of thousands, we’ve selected the best ones. We continue our journey about astronauts and the fact that space doesn’t exist with this one: “Space travel is another false thing because propulsion can’t work in a vacuum.”

Researchers have explained why thrust from rocket engines pushes the spaceship in the other direction. This procedure operates in a vacuum. There’s no need for air or any other “external medium.”

How do you feel about this theory that the Earth is flat? Tell us in the comments.

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