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9 Cities That Could Disappear by 2030

Did you know there are some cities that could disappear by 2030?

Global warming can be difficult to properly visualize. If you’re not living in a place that’s ravaged by wildfires, directly threatened by rising sea levels, or suffering water shortages, how do you know it’s really happening? It can be hard to believe, but unfortunately, it’s true—our world is in danger of losing some beautiful cities.

As pollution continues unabated, our planet keeps getting warmer, and the glaciers keep melting. The effects are so negative that experts warn that some cities could be underwater as early as 2030. In order to find out which cities could disappear, we looked at Climate Control’s latest maps—some of the most reliable sources about climate change.

A lot can change between now and 2030. We could adapt our cities, build flood defenses, and, ideally, our governments could finally get really involved to halt the climate crisis. But if none of that occurs, here are the potential consequences: 9 cities that could disappear entirely (or in large part) underwater within 10 years!

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cities that could disappear
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1. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

No. 1 on our list of cities that could disappear within a decade is Amsterdam. The capital of the Netherlands is renowned for its canals, historic architecture, and museums. However, with its location below sea level, there has been increasing concern about the potential impact of sea level rise on the city due to climate change.

There’s a reason they’re called the Low Countries. Amsterdam and the cities of the Hague and Rotterdam sit flat, low, and close to the North Sea. The Dutch are known for their flood defenses, and looking at these sea-level predictions, it seems the country’s system of levees, floodgates, barriers, and dams will become even more vital in the years to come.

2. New Orleans, USA

Next on our list of cities that could disappear is New Orleans. We’ve already witnessed more severe storms that caused catastrophic flooding in US coastal areas, and the horrifying numbers about sea level rise are becoming more real every day.

The city already has a system of levees that protects it from the swarm of water building up from Lake Salvador and Little Lake in the south and from Lake Maurepas in the north. Without these defenses, New Orleans would be seriously threatened by rising sea levels. However, experts warn that, even with these preventive measures, the damage looks catastrophic.

3. Venice, Italy

Venice, one of the most unique places in the world, also makes the list of cities that could disappear within the next decade. In the very near future, the beautiful city in Italy faces a twin threat: sea levels are going up and the area itself is sinking—by two millimeters every year.

Rising water levels are something that Venetians have been dealing with for many years, with flooding commonplace; they call it the “aqua volta”, and it usually occurs between November and March. However, the phenomenon is getting worse from year to year.

Experts have suggested that if current trends continue at the same startling rate, Venice is doomed to become one of the cities that could disappear within the next decade.

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4. Bangkok, Thailand

No. 4 on our list of cities that could disappear by 2030 is Bangkok. The famous tourist destination for all things exotic and affordable by American standards currently sits, sinking, at only 4.9 feet above sea level. Moreover, Bangkok is going underwater much faster than many other cities with the same fate, at an annual rate of about one inch.

But that’s not all. The city is built on very dense yet soft clay soil, which makes it prone to flooding. Experts have reported that by 2030, most of the coastal Samut Prakan and Tha Kham areas and its main airport, Subarnabhumi International, could all drown.

5. Kolkata, India

The large city capital of Kolkata in the West Bengal state of India also makes the list of cities that could disappear. The historical and cultural hub celebrates tradition in their day-to-day lives, but unfortunately, it’s unprepared for such a “surprise”.

The rapidly-developing challenge could see the city underwater before 2030 due to massive flooding that seems to be coming its way and putting large parts of Kolkata in danger. Moreover, its poor populace can’t do anything but rely on Indian scientists to preserve their traditional lifestyle and save their lives (literally) from a real disaster.

6. Basra, Iran

No. 6 on our list of cities that could disappear soon is Basra. The Arabic city is a primary port city in Iraq, set along the powerful and immensely wide Shatt al-Arab river. It drains right into the Persian Gulf, along with the intricate networks of streams and canals running through the city.

Moreover, the weight is amplified further by the surrounding marshlands, which make the already vulnerable areas more susceptible to rising sea levels. The natural forces drag the city of Basra downwards in the continuous sinking, with experts predicting that it could be partially or completely underwater within ten years.

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7. Georgetown, Guyana

Next on our list of cities that could disappear by 2030 is Georgetown, Guyana. The Caribbean is among the most prone areas to sinking, with Guyana’s capital city among the top 10 coastal locales in the whole world that are likely to drown within the next decade.

The prospect for Georgetown is gloomy due to a twin threat. According to scientists, the sinking city at risk of finding itself underwater can only be saved by a miracle, if not by some magical scientific solution.

For years, the city has relied on sea walls—or, more specifically, one huge, 280-mile-long sea wall—for protection against storms. That’s because most of Georgetown’s coastline is between 0.5 and one meter below high tide. The country will need to substantially strengthen its sea wall to avoid massive damage and losing Goergetown.

8. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hi Chi Minh City in Vietnam also makes the list of cities that could disappear. Along with regions along the Mekong Delta, the city is seriously threatened by tropical storms and flooding. The fertile landscape, which ironically has been a blessing to the thriving area in Vietnam with people’s lives revolving around agriculture, nowadays appears to be their downfall.

Experts predict that it’s also a pretty high risk for most of the eastern districts around the Mekong River to be rendered unlivable soon due to storms and flooding. The flat and heavily built-up marshy regions of Thủ Thiêm are especially prone to completely sinking before 2030.

9. Miami, USA

Last but not least on our list of cities that could disappear in the next decade is Miami. The city’s sea levels are going up at some of the fastest rates in the world, with strong signals of increased flooding that contaminates drinking water and causes significant damage to the city’s valuable infrastructure.

Not only does the government need to come up with an urgent response to halt climate change, but the city may also have to bolster its base and raise its structures above water.

If none of this happens, it’s predicted that Miami will become one of the cities that could disappear within the next decade. It will all start with potential floods that will most likely wash away the beaches as early as the next couple of years.

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