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Dogs Are Better Than Cats! 6 Things Scientists Say!

Science in The World presents you: all the reasons why dogs are better than cats!

There was always a subtle war between dog owners and cat owners, and while each of them has its own perks, people tend to prefer puppies to kitties. Maybe it’s because pooches are friendlier and you don’t have to spend a lot of time to make them love you, while kittens have personalities that are more similar to humans, which means that you’ll need to have enough patience to make them your companions.

However, some people believe that dogs are better than cats, and scientists are there to back them up. If you want to get a furry friend to make your days better, you should know that all of them are loving, cute, and funny, but puppies have a sweeter way of melting your heart.

Of course, there are pros and cons to both of them, but if you want to know the scientific reasons why dogs are better than cats, you have to keep reading this article because we have some good facts for you to know.

Without further ado, here are all the reasons why scientists tell us that dogs are better than cats!

dogs are better than cats
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1. Amazing sense of smell

One of the main reasons why even science says that dogs are better than cats is that they have an amazing sense of smell. The University of Pennsylvania said that they have a group of researchers who are focused on training German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers how to sniff out ovarian cancer, which can help patients get treated before it turns into an extremely dangerous state.

Speaking of the incredible sense of smell, dogs are known for having strong noses, and we, as humans, could never have such powerful senses as they do. Puppies are naturally born with this ability to pick up scents way better than humans, and they do that so they can learn more about the world they live in.

Just imagine what it would be like to guess someone’s mood based on their smell. Well, as much as we might want something like this, it is simply not possible, but dogs are better than cats thanks to the fact that they are capable of smelling our hormonal levels, and they can even match them too.

But let’s go back to cancer for a couple of seconds because several studies mentioned that the nose of a dog is so strong that these cute furry companions could be trained to trace cancer biomarkers in humans, which is absolutely incredible. Just imagine that you’d go to the doctor and you had a gorgeous pup sniffing you out and showing the doctor that you might be sick. Amazing! It’s totally amazing!

Some people say dogs are better than cats! But is it true?

2. No allergies

Another reason why scientists say that dogs are better than cats is that they can help people prevent developing asthma and allergies. Studies discovered that kids exposed to “dog dust” might be at a lower risk for developing asthma and allergies when they’re older. The study was based on mice, but researchers are confident that the results they obtained were accurate.

The reason why something like this is possible is because dog dust contains particular microbes that can influence the number of immune cells in the animal’s airway that respond to allergens. So, if you were wondering why dogs are better than cats, it’s because they might protect your beloved family members from developing allergies and asthma.

dogs are better than cats
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3. Seizure anticipation

Did you know that your beloved pup might be able to sense that one of your family members is about to have a seizure? This can be very helpful for people who suffer from illnesses that cause scary episodes like these because it can help them prepare for what they need.

Different studies say that seizure anticipation is a skill that is inborn in puppies, which is surely one of the main reasons why dogs are better than cats. If pooches can sense severe things like these, I’m wondering if they can be trained to push buttons for a phone call, but I’m pretty sure that there are special canines out there who can totally do that.

4. Help other animals

When it comes to helping other animals, I think the majority of us could agree with the fact that dogs are better than cats. Some of us say that a pup is a man’s best friend because these four-legged creatures are cute, selfless, and loyal.

But if we take it a step further, we could say that pups are everyone’s best friends because they’re so gentle and cute that they want to help everyone solve their problems.

Experts say that it’s all thanks to their great noses, and for instance, pups were a huge help to scientists in tracking the movements of whales. Canine friends used their smart noses to sniff out the location of these giant animals’ p**p.

This operation was incredibly important because environmentalists wanted to save them. Researchers wanted to study the whales’ p**p to see how they were affected by pollution. Just like with humans, you can study whales’ stools to see what they eat and how the food affects their health and well-being.

dogs are better than cats
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5. Smart brain

Do you think that dogs are better than cats? Whatever your thoughts are on this one, you should know that puppies are incredibly smart, and scientists discovered that their brains are the same as the ones of a 2-1/2-year-old kid. Isn’t that amazing?

Our beloved canine friends can understand what humans say by following their cues, but what’s fantastic is that they can also read our emotions and then act accordingly.

As you probably know, dogs love their owners so much that they develop a strong emotional connection with their favorite humans too. If you have a pup, you probably notice that they tend to get jealous when you pay a lot of attention to something or someone else and do not focus on them.

Whether they get jealous that their owners got another pet or you spend too much time with your partner and not with them, that’s their way of interacting with you and manifesting their impressive emotional intelligence.

In addition to that, experts discovered that there are particular dogs that can learn more than 100 human words, so that’s pretty impressive, which truly makes us think that dogs are better than cats.

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6. They’re a great help to blind people

If you didn’t like the previous reasons why dogs are better than cats, you’re probably going to love this one because it’s truly genuine and amazing. Puppies have long been “hired” as help by medical practitioners to help blind people walk and do their daily activities.

Of course, people who suffer from this problem have better hearing, but they still need someone to help them walk around, especially if they have something to do in an area they’re not familiar with.

A cute puppy can help these people anticipate incoming cars and potentially other dangerous objects, and besides that, blind people are more likely to be robbed, but such a bad thing might not happen if a strong dog is by their side.

So, what do you think now? Are dogs better than cats? We believe that every single animal is gorgeous and deserves to be loved and cared for, but sometimes dogs are quicker to win people’s hearts. We’re curious to know what your thoughts are regarding this subject, so make sure to leave a comment down below!

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