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6 Shocking Things Stress Does to Your Body, According to Science

stress does to your body
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There are many things that stress does to your body, and we are here today on Science in the World to find out all about them. Stress is something that occurs in the life of any person sooner or later. It is bound to happen, and what we can do is learn how to cope with it and also reduce it.

A little bit of stress will not harm you that much, but keep in mind that stress sets off the body’s fight-or-flight response. Chronic stress is dangerous because it can cause a series of negative effects on your body and also on your mental health.

Read on and find out what stress does to your body. You might already know some of these facts, but we are sure that others will surprise you.

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9 Responses

  1. This is fascinating. I have every one of these symptoms except the acid reflux/ulcers but had no idea they were related…stressed me out lol 😏

  2. I have two of these symptoms- hair loss and
    Tinnitus- have had a very stressful two years. The article was very helpful. Kick started my walking routine and positive
    outlook. Thanks.

  3. I just went through a year and a half of stressful days and nights. I felt helpless and I even felt close to
    Palpitations one night and I pressed my life alert and spent one night in the hospital, where the doctors
    did not find anything wrong. I spoke to my family doctor about my problem and he wrote in my chart
    that I was paranoid.
    The term of my lease finally was over and I moved with my daughter and her family and my nightmare
    is finally over.

  4. One thing I do during extreme stress is sleep. Go to my happy place and stay there until my body functions wake me up. Then I go back. One time I slept for 3 days on and off. No TV. No noise. No outside stressor. It passes and I feel more relaxed.

  5. I think stress is a much larger problem than you discribe. I’ve had 11 stents, 5 strokes, 2 heart attacks, and died once. I attribute all that to stress as I endured many hours, days, weeks and years working without having the choice to avoid the stress I was under.

    Better choices would have helped me, I realize that. As far as suggestions for you, I suggest you take this fight to insurance companies first. Unfortunately I don’t see a simple solution to the ultimate culprit, capitalism. Good luck with yours. I’ll try to influence mine.

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