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7 Stories Of Early American UFO And Alien Encounters

These are the weirdest alien encounters from America: 

Nobody can argue with the fact that aliens are real. It would be very selfish of us to think we’re alone in the universe, right? There is already a great deal of mystery surrounding the history of the “New World” of North America, from the Pilgrims’ arrival until the founding of the United States as we know it now.

In addition, it is filled with strange reports of seeing UFOS well before anything artificial was supposed to be in the heavens. But, you know what?

Let’s cut short the chit-chat and get to the article’s point. Down below, you will find the weirdest alien encounters of all time!

alien encounters
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1. A UFO crashed in Montana in 1865

One of the first unusual alien encounters was the one that happened back in 1865 in Montana. In the summer of 1865, mountaineer James Lumley saw a mysterious crash into the earth in Montana, according to many publications of the period. Not only that, but he located the wreck and examined it closely. It wasn’t a plane, as he initially thought, but a UFO.

Where the UFO had finally stopped was in a forest with a trail carved through the trees. Lumley would later say that upon discovering the object, it was broken into numerous huge pieces and felt, to the touch, like “stone.” Additionally, he saw inside the UFO a few symbols that resembled hieroglyphs. Who knows? Maybe there was a connection between them and the Egyptians at some point.

2. Washington’s Visitations At Valley Forge in 1777

The episode George Washington reportedly told Anthony Sherman was much wilder than the one mentioned above. Sherman, who witnessed the combat at Valley Forge between the Americans and the British, claims that Washington told him of “green-skinned” soldiers who would come see him at night.

Washington would gain important information from these green visitors about the whereabouts of British troops and the optimal locations to launch his attack. Naturally, very few people believed the claim that the “green aliens” were real; in fact, most of them believed that they were members of Native American tribes disguised with green paint on their skins.

3. William Dunbar from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, saw a UFO in 1800

Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, received an odd letter in 1800 reporting that a guy from Louisiana by the name of William Dunbar had seen a UFO. William and his companion said that the object was brighter and larger than a home, suggesting that they were not alone when the unusual event occurred.

Not only was the noise uncomfortable, but the heat beneath the ship was terrible. Additionally, the UFO caused a very light earthquake.

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4. 1823’s evening with angels and aliens

Joseph Smith, then 17 years old, was awakened one evening in September 1823 in New York by what he would later describe as an angel wearing “brilliant white” clothing. This unidentified guest, who went by the name Moroni, said that his task was to lead Smith to a place where he might get hallowed golden plates bearing ancient historical texts. The translation of these works took close to fifteen years.

Of course, there were speculations that the entity wasn’t an angel but more like one of those unusual alien encounters. Who knows for how long aliens are visiting us?

5. The Aurora Alien in 1897

Among some of the well-known alien encounters, this one from Aurora, Texas, stands out. The Dallas Morning News reported on April 19, 1897, that an unexplained metallic object crashed into a windmill on a local judge’s property after falling out of the heavens over Aurora, Texas, early one evening. An extraterrestrial corpse was discovered on the vessel, and the documents it contained were written in some sort of unidentified hieroglyph that no one could decipher.

After the alien was buried in a nearby cemetery and the burial took place, everyone soon forgot about the event. Up until the 1970s, when Bill Case decided to go deeper, there was total silence. While he was requesting permission to dig the grave, the stone monument vanished out of nowhere, taking with it whatever was buried beneath it. Case didn’t hesitate to express his belief that the government was deleting the evidence of the extraterrestrial body.

Up for more alien encounters? Then sit tight because we have a couple more to tell you! 

6. Flying saucer over Alaska in 1997

This wasn’t exactly an alien encounter, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s a funny story. Let’s see what happened back then. A couple of locals called the police after seeing a weird UFO up in the sky. They claimed it was pretty big too, and it remained visible throughout the entire night.

Apparently, the saucer wasn’t a UFO! It was a NASA project, and that was just a balloon that was supposed to obtain information about the concentration of stratospheric gases during the sunrise. I can’t imagine the faces of the people who answered the phone that night, but I bet they were amused by the situation.

alien encounters
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7. Pensacola, Florida in 2006

This is one of the more unsettling alien encounters; at least, this is what we believe. In his bedroom in Pensacola, Florida, in 2006, lies David Eckhart. Above his bed, a closed-circuit television camera records the room in a gentle yellow light that streams in from the exterior.

The man claims he put the cameras there so he would have documentation in case something were to happen in the house while he was away. Now, the thing is that he watched the tape, and his story was one hell of a creepy one!

A slender, small humanoid figure slowly emerges from behind an open door. David Eckhart showed the tapes to the police and the journalists, and he claims that this wasn’t the first time it happened. Should we believe him or not?

Bottom line:

At the end of the 1970s, there was huge hype about aliens. From the highly appreciated Alien franchise to the X-Files series, which have been fantastic, the audience seemed to enjoy watching mystery stuff. However, everything we’ve fantasized about that “first contact” moment appears likely to be incorrect the more we learn about the cosmos and our little role in it.

According to scientists, there is no doubt that out there in the universe there are creatures with a higher intelligence than human beings. The universe is so big, we can’t even imagine how far it goes. It might sound like a conspiracy theory, but the truth is that aliens exist, but they probably don’t care about us at all. And honestly, who would like to live on such a polluted planet?

Now, what is your conclusion after reading this scary and funny article about alien encounters? Do you think that aliens are real? Or is it just pure conspiracy? Tell us in the comments.

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