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Millions of People Took These 9 Prescription Drugs That Were Later Pulled From the Market

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9. Posicor

Last on our list of drugs pulled from the market is Posicor. In only one year on the market, the drug was linked to 123 deaths. Originally considered safe, Posicor became potentially dangerous—even deadly—when combined with any of 25 different drugs.

Not only was the number of deaths large, but it was also troubling that the drug was prescribed to approximately 200,000 people worldwide in just one year, which is a relatively small number.

It seems that Posicor is also on the list for encouraging the policies animating the FDA to accelerate the approval of certain drugs. It’s often cited as a good example of what can go wrong when prescribed drugs are rushed to market.

Want to read more about prescribed drugs? Here’s the consumer guide to pills, which provides FDA-approved information on more than 1,800 prescribed drugs.

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